Mechanical execution, creative thinking

Early in life, Ryan Gasparini had a dream to design automobiles. As a child he made various drawings of cars and trucks on napkins, placemats, and notebooks. In high school, he elected to take classes in manual and computer-aided drafting. His passion and skill for drawing and drafting earned him many regional awards in Mechanical Drawing.

After graduation, he enrolled in university to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. Unfortunately, not having any experience in the matter, he failed the shop and material classes. Surprisingly, though, when it came to computer programming, he was a natural. It was ultimately a C programming class that influenced him to change his career path.

Aside from drafting, Ryan spent many afternoons in the high school computer lab. He spent the majority of that time learning how to build a snowboarding page on Geocities. That time spent tinkering with tags and selectors gave him the tools to understand semantic markup and cascading style.

At the time, the Internet was just a hobby for him. Once he discovered JavaScript and, eventually, ActionScript, he decided to use his love of the Web with his knowledge of C to make the Internet a better place.

Even today, Ryan continues to pursue design and programming. He has earned the opportunity, both as employee and consultant, to build sites for a wide range of organizations. In an industry where any random guy named Ryan can learn these skills, he has separated himself from the rest by merging what he has learned with his gifts of good taste, empathy, and the pursuit of simplicity.

A dynamic guy for the static quo

Ryan got his start as an HTML/CSS hobbyist but quickly moved on to projects of greater scale and challenge. Since 2001, the launch of this very site, he's matured from slicing Photoshop documents to a role in senior-level engineering.

Using ActionScript, he's built software demos for a CAD company and an interactive gallery for Phoenix Art Museum. With PHP, he built his first multi-site platform and content management system to serve about 100 marketing sites for Best Western.

After learning Ruby on Rails, Ryan was able to devote more time to the front-end. He built a video library prototype using Backbone, refactored a reporting dashboard in Ember, and collaborated on an Angular app that organized SEC filings for Fortune 500 companies.

Today, he can be found balancing his time between writing JavaScript and trying to get to platinum level in competive Overwatch. Ryan is currently available for contract work or full-time employment. The following are an overview of his talents and experience.

Featured projects and work experience

IGNW (Nike)

October 2019 – August 2020

Lead on component library, state management, and React tooling for internal consumer product catalog platform. Cross department collaboration on servers, databases, and deployments for internal product tools. Created deployment strategy to create branch builds per PR and integrate with GitHub Enterprise APIs.


August 2018 – August 2019

Lead frontend developer for React single page app deployed to the Now service via continuous integration through CircleCI v2.1 workflows with Orbs. Data discovery and introspection via Apollo GraphQL client and server.

Grateful Ventures

December 2017 – July 2018

Contributor to creation of website (React, GraphQL) as well as architecture and structure (NodeJS, Express, AWS DynamoDB, AWS Step Functions, AWS Lambda) for financial dashboard.

DeMark Analytics

July 2015 – October 2017

Entered as software engineer but progressed into product manager role. Contributed on NodeJS microservices as well as the React + Redux + Immutable app for a browser-based financial analytics application.

Authority Labs

June 2013 – March 2014

Rebuilt an AngularJS SEO ranking dashboard with EmberJS. Dashboard was optimized to render for more devices, increase amount of displayed rankings, and reduce round trips in browser.


November 2012 – June 2013

Contributed to building an Acrobat-like document viewer and document management tool for users of Fortune 500 companies. Authored many services in vanilla JavaScript as well as AngularJS components.

Pathways Platform

January 2012 – October 2012

Lead a transition to a product-based business for professional recruiting company. Combined existing PHP sites and MySQL databases into a Rails platform. Built an API and CMS to host customized video channels and job boards.


December 2010 – September 2011

Lead effort to convert an enterprise multimedia library from Flash to HTML5. Completed prototype with multi-layout, drag and drop interface. Implemented a JavaScript framework inspired by BackboneJS. Contributed to Grails API, tests, and Maven packages.

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